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Principal Geologist, Alan Driscole

possesses more than 30 years experience in exploration and development geology; having undertaken work for more than a twenty companies; focusing on Africa, the UKCS and Norway, Western and Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Alan has built up an extensive knowledge of the petroleum geology of these areas.

In true West Country fashion, Alan is a quiz and skittles champion within Dorset. You want this knowledgeable man on your team!

In 1980, Alan graduated from University College London with a BSc Geology Hons and in 1981 with an MSc Petroleum Geology from Imperial College. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London, a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

For projects ranging from basin analysis to acreage evaluations and prospect generation, detailed analysis of reservoirs and reservoir performance in producing fields contact Alan here: alan.driscole@beaglegeoscience.com

Business Development, Chris Brown

has over three decades of experience in Oil and Gas Exploration, having worked on all types of exploration globally. A proven oil finder, Chris has been involved with oil and gas discoveries in the UK, Italy, Poland, Egypt, Libya and Peru and significantly the Val D’Agri fields of southern Italy, where over one billion barrels of oil were discovered.

Chris has lived in Holland, Greece, Egypt and Italy with his wife and three children. His passion for Italian culture led him in 2011 to buy a house in southern Italy. He speaks Italian and holidays there several times a year.

Chris graduated in 1978 with a BSc in Geology from Exeter and an MSc in Structural Geology from Imperial College in 1979. He is a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

For acquisitions, bid rounds and farm-in / farm-out negotiations and access to Chris’ established broad network of industry and ministry contacts email: chris.brown@beaglegeoscience.com

Principal Geophysicist, Mark Sawyers

has been a working geophysicist since 1981; with six oil companies as an employee and many more as an independent consultant. He has interpreted over one hundred 3D surveys and has been involved in regional work, prospect generation, seismic survey and well planning, and development and production projects in five continents. He now teaches an industry course on 3D seismic interpretation. In his career he has had both technical and management roles, he has trained or mentored around 20 junior geoscientists, and whilst at Enterprise Oil and responsible for North Sea new ventures he chaired the UK Offshore Operator Association Exploration Committee.

He lives in Kent with his wife and three children. He is a keen (but slow) marathon runner and an enthusiastic guitarist.

Mark graduated in 1980 with a BSc in Physical Geology from the University of Exeter and an MSc in Geophysics from the Imperial College, University of London in 1981. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and a Member of the Petroleum Exploration Society, Great Britain.

For anything geophysical, and for meeting facilitation, contact: mark.sawyers@beaglegeoscience.com

Principal Geophysicist, Alan Edwards

draws upon vast knowledge in the upstream hydrocarbon industry since 1971.He has a proven track record in developing and cost effectively managing major projects (within both contracting and oil companies) and in negotiations with governments, companies and the World Bank. He had a key role in the discovery of Takula oil field (Angola), Q8 gas field (Netherlands) and 49/9 oil accumulation (Ireland).

Alan has lived in Tunisia, Texas and Ireland. He now lives in the UK and owns a house in France which he visits often with his family (and dog). He is proficient in French and gets by in Spanish. His interests are in art, travel, sport (watching mainly) and avoiding Egyptian plagues.

In 1970, Alan graduated with a BSc in Geology from the University of London and in 1971 with an MSc in Applied Geophysics from Birmingham University. He is a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Alan has had several technical papers presented and published.

For particular expertise in international exploration geophysics but with broad experience in exploration geology contact: alan.edwards@beaglegeoscience.com