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IGI provides services for the gas & oil industry in the areas of exploration and production. Always soundly anchored in geology and often using our own interpretational software p:IGI, the company offers three general areas of knowledge-based service:
  • Expert geochemical interpretation and basin modelling
  • Basic and advanced geochemical and modelling training courses
  • Field work
IGI’s principal business is to provide an integrated geochemical interpretation service together with basin modelling, to develop and market software and provide training courses to the oil and gas exploration industry. IGI advises on, and interprets, geochemical data.


The Nautilus International mission is to be an independent financially viable international trade union and professional organisation, committed to equal opportunities, providing a high quality, cost effective service to members and welfare to needy seafarers and their dependants.

Their goal is to be strong, autonomous and united in defence of the interests of their members in a global industry within a global labour market.

They have a long and proud history and have endeavoured to change and develop alongside the industry. In 2009 Nautilus UK and Nautilus NL voted to create the world's first truly trans-national union - Nautilus International. In 2011 Swiss maritime professionals also voted to join.

Young Geophysics - Pat Young


3D and 2D seismic interpretation plus well tying and geological integration Velocity mapping / depth conversion (geostatistics), plus prospect sizing/risking Seismic attribute analyses (AVO, AI / EI inversion, coherency) Seismic modelling plus seismic processing and imaging experience


Rigorous evaluation of Ghana Tano Basin, contributing to successful Tullow farm-in of high impact blocks Mapped multi-play potential that led to recent successful farmout of high risk / high reward deepwater Cameroon block under difficult force majeure conditions Managed geophysical procedures of a successful SNS field equity redetermination Identified subtle SNS Carboniferous channels leading to successful production well in sweet spot. Regional basin mapping plus PSDM processing led to competitive block capture in licencing round and discovery of large gas field.

Paul Compton Consulting Ltd – Paul Compton

Paul has over 35 years of experience as an exploration and development geologist, having held technical and managerial positions with majors, independents and leading consulting organizations. He has spent half his career living and working outside of the UK, in America, Australia, North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. He has worked on projects in most sedimentary basins in the World. A major strength is his ability to add value to field appraisal and development projects, ensuring efficient project design and a good understanding of the risks and uncertainties. He has extensive knowledge of exploration having been involved in discoveries in the North Sea, Australia, and Southeast Asia. He has recent expertise in log and core analysis.

Big Anomaly

Big Anomaly is a partnership founded in 2009 which provides experienced high level geosciences management, services and solutions to the exploration, research and media industry.

With a portfolio of over 30 independent consultants to call upon, all experts in their chosen discipline, Big Anomaly management team have access to a knowledge base that spans the entire earth sciences spectrum.

Dr. Douglas Field

A petroleum and reservoir engineer for over 30 years, Doug has a wealth of international exploration and production experience, including running field and production operations in onshore Libya, Iran, Algeria, Angola and the North Sea. He is a highly analytical and creative problem solver; with a proven record of innovative approaches to field developments and rejuvenation. Doug has thorough knowledge and practical experience of the complete producing chain; oil and gas field developments and operations. He has accountability in performance, production processes, export and commercial evaluation in several diverse geographical areas, including extensive knowledge of commercial PSCs and JOAs. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leeds.

Lunn Upstream Consultants – Simon Lunn

Lunn Upstream Consultant’s primary consultant Simon Lunn is a geophysicist with 35 years’ experience at BP, Enterprise Oil and Hansa Hydrocarbons. In addition, Simon has worked for many years as a geophysical consultant offering seismic interpretation and general advisory services to a wide range of clients. He has worked extensively in NW Europe, Latin America and Africa and beyond. A proven hydrocarbon finder, Simon is particularly interested in the direct detection of hydrocarbons on seismic data and was co-author of the Bayesian/Direct Fluid Indicator (DFI) risk modification methodology which provides a rigorous approach for risking prospects with a possible DHI.

Consultant – Hugh North

Hugh is a proactive and energetic geoscience executive. A proven oil finder who has delivered added value consistently throughout his career with expertise in technical, commercial and strategic analysis, integrated with operational management of international oil & gas acreage exploitation.

His strong results-orientated track record has been established in many arenas amongst the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and Latin America. Demonstrating as a persuasive communicator in new ventures, business initiation and integrated team management within varied cultural environments.

With forty years of experience in technical and senior management positions for operating/non-operating oil companies; Hugh has worked as an independent consultant for oil companies, merchant banks and private investors. Providing advice in unitisation methodologies and redetermination procedures, being an expert witness to these and regional play fairway analysis, 2D/3D geophysical/geological interpretations, peer reviews, reserve audits and acreage acquisitions.